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Triple Arch Vase - Lily. Tasmanian Oak.


Want to make an impact in your home? We're VERY in love with these beautiful pieces! These stunning vases are made from sustainably farmed Tasmanian Oak and feature Helen's lily artwork in lovely, moody spring time hues.

A fabulous feature is that these beauties can either free stand or be wall-mounted; in fact, they look amazing on the wall. With 3 glass test-tubes through the middle, you’d be surprised just how many stems of your favourite flowers you can fit in each test tube.

They're packaged in a stunning protective box - perfect for gift giving.

To mount to the wall, we recommend using adhesive wall stickers (readily available in supermarkets and hardware stores); these stickers leave your walls and vases undamaged.

Size:  11cm high x 21cm wide

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