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❤️FREE Shipping over $100 (within AU). Worldwide shipping available too.❤️

About Pili Pala Pieces & Helen


Pili Pala has grown into a thriving small business with a desire to design and create products that are unique, distinct and make you smile. Whilst utilising self-taught production techniques, we incorporate sustainable Tasmanian wood, resin and either our own paintings or vintage paintings.


Pili Pala started as a hobby for Helen in 2009 when she attended several local markets with her handmade wares. Her products proved to be popular and as she expanded the range she gained enough confidence in the business to quit her day job and take on Pili Pala full-time at the beginning of 2010.  She now employs 3 staff who work either in the studio or in customer service at market stalls.  You'll find Helen or Lisette every Saturday at our market stall in Salamanca, Hobart, at their retail store in Brooke street Pier (Hobart waterfront) and even at boutique markets in a selection of capital cities throughout Australia.

With a degree in Speech Pathology, Helen has not had training in Arts, however, the techniques used to create the Pili Pala range are all self-taught and refined after years of trial-and-error. The brand has a strong emphasis on designing unique products from the ground up and over time has developed a distinct identity.  As for the long-term goals for Pili Pala, as far as Helen's concerned; 'the sky's the limit'.



Pili Pala is the Welsh word for butterfly. Helen's daughter Poppy (the first born of 2 children) was born in Wales whilst on a working holiday. They wanted to give her a Welsh middle name, but found most of them utterly impossible to say. 'Awela' was chosen as her middle name, but 'Pili Pala' came up and along with the fun sound of it, it was a word they could actually say. 'Pili Pala' became Poppy's nickname.  Hence, after Helen got accepted into her very first market, it was the first thing that came to mind. And so it stuck and seems to represent this brand that has, with a lot of grit and creativity, taken flight.

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