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The Complete Digital Product & Marketing Guide: A 'Done-For-You' Digital Product, Marketing & Business Plan


For businesses who want to add a digital product to their product offerings. For both complete beginners AND established businesses wanting to grow their business and add a passive income stream through selling digital product/s.

This is your digital product business blueprint: A 45-page guide that is laser-focused on results, designed with easy and actionable steps, and created to propel you into the digital market space quickly. It's your shortcut to launching a profitable digital product within just 4 weeks or less.

This guide offers fundamental insights about the digital product space without the confusion. It's tailored for beginners who need actionable information, as well as established businesses.

Having navigated numerous courses throughout my 15 years in business, I understand the struggle of processing too much information and endless strategies that are often found within bigger courses. So it was essential that I offered a guide that will help you get started with only the fundamental knowledge required; without the fluff. And quickly!

What's covered in this guide?

  • Learn to clarify your purpose, set achievable goals, define your target audience, identify the specific problems that your product will solve, and establish a compelling branding strategy.

  • Focus on building the groundwork for the business by creating your digital product, setting up an online store, crafting an effective Instagram page, and establishing essential legal terms and considerations.

  • Discover how to develop effective marketing strategies by understanding content pillars, crafting impactful social media posts, creating compelling freebies, utilizing email marketing, and all whilst building meaningful connections with your audience.

  • Implement a launch strategy, and establish and approach for ongoing and sustained success.

When you invest in this guide, you'll receive Private Label Rights, which isn't just a game-changer for your own journey, but it's also a potential income stream in it's own rights. Not only can you use everything you learn in this guide, but you gain permission to rebrand and resell this guide for 100% of the profits.

Of course, even if you don't resell this guide and you were just to implement all of the outlined steps, you will be equiped with everything you need to know to create a digital product that's ready to sell, plus have established a marketing strategy for bringing in the sales. Win-Win!

PLEASE NOTE: This guide will be sent directly to your inbox in a PDF format that you can easily access on your device or print as needed. Plus, on page 2 of the e-guide there is a link that will direct you to editable Canva template of the e-guide so that you can edit and rebrand the guide to sell as your own.

Please let me know if you have any questions: I'm more than happy to help you get started on your own journey in any way that I can. Message me here: 

Ready to get started?!



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