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Hello 👋🏻 FREE delivery in Australia over $100. Flat fee for global delivery. Thanks for visiting. 😊

'6 pack' bunch of Large Flowers: Pili Pala Posies

Original Price $68.00
Current Price $62.00

"I can buy myself flowers" - Miley Cyrus says so! I know you're humming that song now, aren't you?!

Introducing our stunning Pili Pala Posies. Nothing beats a fresh, real bunch of flowers, but these are a pretty incredible alternative. AND, they last forever. AND they look beautiful. AND you don't have to replace them each week.

And what's better than one flower? The full bunch of 6 flowers in the large size. Perfect!! Made from hand-painted Tassie Oak, there are 6 flower styles in the collection including a fern, kangaroo paw, gum nut, waratah, blossom and bottlebrush. 


NOTE: Our handmade large and medium vases will fit 3 of these flowers. Alternatively you can use your own vase - I recommend filling the base of the vase with soil, sand or rice to help arrange and hold the stems. 

Dimensions of the Large Flowers = varies from 17cm - 24cm x 5 - 7cm. (The lengths of each different flower type are varied to create layers in each bunch).

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